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Attention park administrators and park board
members please read.


The Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball 2021 season is back in full swing. Please start making your plans for the World Series in Southaven MS.

7, 9, 11, 14, Juniors
Snowden Grove Park

Report July 2, 2021
Play Begins July 3, 2021

8 Year Olds
Snowden Grove Park
Report July 8, 2021
Play Begins July 9, 2021

6, 10, 12, 13, Seniors
Snowden Grove Park

Report July 9, 2021
Play Begins July 10, 2021
6 through 18  
Green Brook Park, MS
Report July 2, 2021

Play Begins July 3, 20

Snowden Grove and Greenbrook parks are now turf fields. Metal cleats will not be allowed, only molded cleats or turf shoes will be allowed in any age group.

Please contact your State directors for tournament dates and information in your state.

Be safe!!




The Dizzy Dean National Board has voted unanimously to add as a legal bat for
Dizzy Dean Baseball the 1.15 BPF APPROVED BAT for ages 12 and under.


New Pitch Count Rule

The Dizzy Dean National Board has voted unanimously to add as a legal bat for
Dizzy Dean Baseball the 1.15 BPF APPROVED BAT for ages 12 and under.


Dizzy Dean Recommended
Background Check Information


Dizzy Dean Recommended
League Insurance

Welcome to  Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball 

Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a non-profit youth Baseball/Softball organization whose mission is to provide a recreation outlet for as many youth as possible regardless of sex, religion, race or color. 


The main purpose of this program is to provide youth ages five (5) through nineteen (19) years of age, a fair and equal community based baseball and/or softball program.


Our goal is to instill in our youth the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, discipline and a sense of teamwork so that they may become strong, healthy, well-adjusted members of their community.


The rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc. are designed with emphasis on local league play rather than tournament play.  However, we do offer State and World Series tournaments for leagues wishing to participate.


Our rules are based on the official rules of Major League Baseball with specific modifications and field dimensions, which are designed with the age specific physical development of the youth taking precedence. 

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”; every community has their own specific needs.  With this in mind, Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball allows individual parks to modify their regular season playing rules to better fit the needs of their youth, as long as the overall intent of the rules is not violated (particularly pitching rules).


Jay Hannah “Dizzy” Dean was always interested in youth baseball and the development of youth. Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a front-runner in youth baseball and softball and our intentions are to honor Dizzy Dean by associating his name with a recognized leader in the field of youth baseball and softball.


First organized in 1977 Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. has grown to a multi-state youth based organization.









 If you would like to become
a Dizzy Dean sponsored
recreational facility.
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Incorporated 1977


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