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Major League baseball has a new rule that has now been approved : You no longer have to throw a pitch to walk a batter the manager must notify the Umpire and the batter will be allowed to go to first base. This does not pertain to the Farm League. This is not a new Dizzy Dean rule but a new Major League Rule which Dizzy Dean will play by.


Farm League:
2:18 Pitcher must wear a facemask.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior League:
2:10 Metal Cleats will be allowed for participants (coaches and players) thirteen (13)
years and up.



Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. has endorsed and supports each States laws relating to Concussion training and education in youth sports.  In addition to the “Official” wording (below), a link has been placed on the Dizzy Dean National Website (left hand column of every web page) taking you to the Sadler Insurance Risk Management web page.  There, you will be able to find the law, as it is written, for your state, find information for concussion training and find information in setting up a concussion management system for your park.



 Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. strongly recommends that all teams/leagues adopt and implement a concussion risk management program that keys in on training and education for staff, parents, and players in the areas of understanding concussions and their impact on health; recognizing concussion signs and symptoms; removal from play; and return to play protocol. Such a program normally includes web video training for staff and the distribution of an information sheet each season to all staff, parents, and players. Guidelines for developing a plan are available on the Dizzy Dean website.





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