2017 Dizzy Dean Softball World Series Winners


6 Year Old and Under  
Champion: Batesville Boom, MS  
Runner Up: Neshoba All Stars, MS  
Sportsmanship Award: Batesville Boom, MS  
Graham Nixon Overton   MVP Batesville Boom, MS  
Olivia Claire Phillips Batesville Boom, MS  
Sara Henri Hannaford Batesville Boom, MS  
Allie Gayle Whitaker Batesville Boom, MS  
Rileigh Elizabeth Jones Batesville Boom, MS  
Addy Walker Phillips Neshoba All Stars, MS  
Sayda Grace Posey Neshoba All Stars, MS  
Delaney Nicole Ellington Neshoba All Stars, MS  
Sadie Helen Nance Neshoba All Stars, MS  
Avery Holly Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Madison Padgett Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Emillie McKissick Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
8 Year Old and Under  
Champion: Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Runner Up: Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Sportsmanship Award: Bolivar All Stars, TN  
Ally Glover   MVP Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Kaylen Daniel Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Brianna Coleman Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Calliegh Houck Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Anna Lauren Howell Senatobia Sweet Heat, MS  
Marley Ballard Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Lynley McCarley Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Lucy Cochran Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Alyssa Buck Southaven All Stars, MS  
Jenasis Powell Southaven All Stars, MS  
Mikayla Johnson Southaven All Stars, MS  
Marley Clayton Tupelo, MS  
10 Year Old and Under  
Champion: Louisville, MS  
Runner Up: Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Sportsmanship Award: Louisville All Stars, MS  
Anna Grace Whitehead     MVP Louisville, MS  
Natalee Eaves Louisville, MS  
Gillion Eaves Louisville, MS  
Jodie Wilkes Louisville, MS  
Sakinya Glenn Louisville, MS  
A K Willingham Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Caroline Hamm Saltillo Wildcats, MS
Elyse McKissick Saltillo Wildcats, MS
Kalen Watson Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Madison Young DC Swat, MS  
Jorja Smith DC Swat, MS  
Rachel Noble DC Swat, MS  
12 Year Old and Under  
Champion: Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Runner Up: Union County Panthers, GA  
Sportsmanship Award: P.A.T. Fireballs, AL  
Ramsey Montgomery      MVP Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Caitlyn Camathan Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Zoe Easley Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Madison Gardner Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Natalie McKinney Saltillo Wildcats, MS  
Aubrie Banton Union County Panthers, GA  
Allie Brey Union County Panthers, GA  
Adaley Burnette Union County Panthers, GA  
Caley Davis Union County Panthers, GA  
Aubrey Eaton Houston Blast, MS  
LuLu McNease Houston Blast, MS  
Blakely Gill Houston Blast, MS  
14 Year Old and Under  
Runner Up:    
Sportsmanship Award:    
16 Year Old and Under  
Champion: P.A.T., AL  
Runner Up:    
Sportsmanship Award:    
London Richardson   MVP P.A.T. AL  
18 Year Old and Under  
Champion: MS Tornadoes, MS  
Runner Up: Fury Softball, TN  
Sportsmanship Award: P.A.T., AL  
Paige Graves    MVP MS Tornadoes, MS  
Alexis Brassfield MS Tornadoes, MS  
McKinley Montgomery MS Tornadoes, MS  
Mycala Helms MS Tornadoes, MS  
Savannah Johnson MS Tornadoes, MS  
Alyssa Camp Fury Softball, TN  
Lindsey Morrissett Fury Softball, TN  
Haley Maccarino Fury Softball, TN  
Kaitlyn Ledbetter Fury Softball, TN  
Kaitlyn Rushing Southaven, MS  
Ava Poff Southaven, MS  
Bianca Sanders Southaven, MS  






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