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The Dizzy Dean Scholarship
In Honor of Ty Gaulden
Dizzy Dean's First Commissioner

      Ty Gaulden was the first commissioner of Dizzy Dean Baseball and a national director from Alabama, Mr. Gaulden served until his death in 1980.

     This scholarship shall be awarded by the National Board of Directors, under such rules and conditions as it may determine, provided however, that only those players who participate in the program of the corporation who are in need of financial help shall be eligible. The deadline to submit an application for scholarship is June 15th of the current year. No applications accepted after June 15th. Applications must be submitted for renewal.

Anyone wishing to donate to the scholarship fund may do so by sending contributions to
Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc.
Mail to Danny Phillips 2470 Hwy 51 South
Hernando, MS 38632

Click here for Contacts and Application.


2017 Dizzy Dean Scholarship Winners


Jake Agnesia
Shiloh Biles
Hunter Biles
Christopher Blakey
Jackson Burrow
Tanner Carter
Tyler Carter
Kyle Elsberry
Nate Freeman
Phillip Lenior
Will Lenior
Matthew Mann
Chase Martin
Colby Moon
Connor Moon
Bailey Moore
Dalton Moore
Douglas Moore
Bragan Swindle
Matthew Riley Wilson




Patterson Beene
Hunter Erickson
Carson Fowler
Joshua Hansard
Trent Holley
Cade Hubbard
Ryan Keefe
Kyle Maxwell
Brittany Portwood
William Richardson
Jacob Ross
Kristin Whitlock
Jake Witherow



Trenton Gibbens
Logan Gildea


Kaylan Aven
Ladarius Beason
Caitlyn Castille
Zachary Castille
Jonathan Crowley
Kylina Gallegos
Ryan Holdiness
Reagan Holdiness
Hailey McMinn
Hannah Moore
Raymond Parker
Wesson Parker
Anekein Rish
Will Ross
Tanner Smith
Christian Subia
Claudia Thornton
Taylor Thornton
William Vail Jr.




Jaret Bailey
Jonathan Boston
Rebekah Hill
Jamie Key
Spencer Lowe
James Dalton Morrison
Wyatt Morrison
Weston Robertson
Chris Sorrow
Heather Stevens










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